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Refrigeration Gasket Replacement Tips and Procedures

When it comes to gasket replacement, it is always important for an individual to ensure that they find the right gasket. One should ensure that they check on the official websites where one’s fridge was manufactured. This is because they usually offer parts and in case one can’t find the parts they might be looking for, hardware stores or even appliance stores can help in one way or another. Since one is aware of the type of fridge they might be used, they should ensure that they have the right fit since there are different sizes for gaskets, in terms of French-door refrigerators, bottom freezer refrigerator and in depth-fridge as well. Since the new gasket always feels very un-bendable at first and very rough, one can always soak it in hot water for it to become more pliable. When soaking it in water, it should take at least 15 minutes or so for the material to be much easier. The next step that one should take is removing all the contents which might be in their fridge.

For the goods which might be perishable, one should set them aside and in a cooler which is filled with ice. After everything is removed from the fridge, one should not forget to unplug the fridge as well as pull it away from the wall of the kitchen. One should get a screwdriver which can be able to remove the screws of the old gasket. One should make sure that they don’t lose the screws. When it is done, one should also have an assistant to help in holding the door while one tries to loosen up on the screws that are attached to the door as well as at the upper part of the machine which is at the corner. While one is loosening the screws, they should let their assistant close the door partly for the old gasket to be folded. This is always helpful as it makes the gasket loosen up very easily. Immediately it has been loosened up, the old gasket can be removed gently. When one is installing the new gasket, they should ensure that they push the pliant gasket under the retainer which is metallic as they get to carefully tighten the screws.

When the screws are fixed, one should at least close the door for the connection of the new gasket to be tested. One should ensure that as they are checking on them, it shouldn’t have any gaps at all. If there are gaps, then a part of the cover which is external could have been warped. With a little straightening, the gaps could be okay. For any air not to leak outside, one should ensure that they place an LED flashlight inside and turn it on as well. When everything is done, one should close the door and ensure that they check on all sides of the door for any leaks which might there. With such steps, one can be assured of their refrigerator being back to normal.

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